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DLD Roofing :: Roofing, Shingles, Permanent Roofing System ...
A team of roofing professionals covering southwestern Ontario and specializing
in Dura-Loc products...

GreenGrid®Roofs - Green Roof Technology, Rooftop Garden, LEED ...
Green roof system for industrial, commercial and government facilities.
Includes product specifications,...

Hyload Roofing Systems - Building Envelope -
Manufacturer of high performance coal tar elastomeric membranes (CTEM) for low
slope roofing.

Metacrylics - Roofing, Deck, Asphalt and Pavement Sealer and ...
Premium reinforced elastomeric (acrylic) systems for roofs, decks and exterior
surfaces; also sealers...

Tremco Roofing Division Home Page - Tremco Roofing
Delivering installed roofing and weatherproofing systems and services through a
network of certified...

Elk Building Products, Inc. Manufacturer of roofing, composite ...
Producers of laminated fiberglass shingles and fire-rated underlayment.

Roof Coating and Roofing Repair Services with Cool Roof and Rubber ...
Durable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, high-performance acrylic
roofing systems and...

Metal Roofs, Roofing Gutters, Metal Roof System- Englert Inc
Offer engineering, training and technical support. We have over 30 years of
expertise in metal, engineeri...

Rainbow Roofing - world's leading single-ply roof systems. South ...
Commercial roofing company specializing in single ply roof systems, roofing
membranes, roof maintenance...

Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems from Polythane and GE
Manufacturer of sprayed Polyurethane foam roofing systems. Home of the GE/Polythane
Roofing System....

Homepage - Ruberoid: Building products, roofing, waterproofing ...
Membrane roofing, waterproofing, and associated products. Product and company

Roofing Systems - Coated Industrial Fabrics BondCote
USA. PVC and acrylic coated, and laminated fabrics for covering, environmental,
safety, military and...

Versico EPDM and TPO single-ply roofing systems and accessories ...
Supplier of single-ply roofing systems and accessories for the commercial and
industrial roofing industry.

Commercial Roofing System Single-ply membrane roofing system
Manufacturer of a vinyl single ply roofing system.

Roofing and Waterproofing by Sarnafil -
Manufacture single ply roofing and waterproofing membranes. Includes product and
material data sheets.

Damus Roofing Systems serving trinidad tobago and the Caribbean
Manufacturers and roofing contractors for both commercial and residential projects.
Offers a variety...

M&D Roofing Systems - Conklin Commercial Flat & Metal Roofs ...
Commercial roofing company specializing in energy efficient roofing systems for
flat and metal roofs.

Carlisle SynTec single-ply membrane roofing systems and materials ...
Manufactures single-ply roofing solutions.Includes a representative and roofer

American Solar Roofing Systems
Solar thermal roofing system combining roofing tile technology and solar design.
All-weather protection...

Insulation, Roofing, Siding, Acoustics and Composites at Owens Corning
USA. Multi-national manufacturer of advanced glass and building material systems.
Glass fiber and...


Roofing Material

A fine roof is an essential element of a well planned home. Employing experienced workforce and use of high quality equipment is important. Rates, simplicity of setting up and appearance are all deciding factors in selecting a roofing material.

Red Tile Roof

Installing Cedar Roof Shingles
Cedar shingles are durable and may resist insect damage. Cedar shingles are smooth and provide the home with a rustic appearance. When installing cedar roof shingles, homeowner's may sometimes be able to place the new cedar shingles over existing roofing material.... more HERE

 Cedar Shingles

Metal Shingles
Metal shingles are usually meant to look like traditional asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or tiles, but metal shingles come with a greater guarantee to ward off rough weather. Many consider these shingles to be the strongest roofing material available. Contrary to popular belief, modern technology has made metal shingles very light, and they are a feast for the eyes, and also have very high fire-resistant ratings....More HERE

 Metal Roofing

Will Your Roof Leak?
Roofing repairs: The component of sloped roofs that is most vulnerable to early deterioration is the area around the flashings (chimneys, plumbing stacks, valleys, etc., and particularly skylights). It is not uncommon for these areas to develop a leak before the rest of the roof material has aged significantly. Also, because these areas are frequently made of metal they can be more susceptible than the rest of the roof coverings to wind and other mechanical damage. So while the flashings may appear fine today, and your roof may be relatively young, the flashings should be monitored on a regular basis (semi-annually) to ensure they will function properly....More HERE

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